Facebook Live #63: The Love of Food

This episode I am talking about the love of food.

I know so many of us have said or just thought about how much we love food. We have to have that cookie, or chips, or pizza, or whatever it may be because we think we love it.

For so long we have tied food to comfort, with love.

But, I want to challenge you on that.

Food is just this object. It doesn’t love you back. It doesn’t create real pleasure or real joy.

I will talk about what our real joy is, our real pleasure is.

I will teach you how to become aware of how food is in your life and the meaning that you’re putting to it.

You don’t have to eat only “healthy” food.” You get to be the scientist of your body. Find out what foods fuel you.

I will teach on the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger.

Your body is amazing. It knows what it needs. It will tell you what foods fuel it.

You always get to decide what you want to eat.

Are you ready to take back your control?  

What You’ll Discover:

  • Food does not equal love
  • Awareness and allowance are key to losing weight
  • The difference between physical and emotional hunger

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