Facebook Live #64: The Basics of Weight Loss Pt. 1

Join me in this episode where I am going back to the basics. This is the second of a two-part episode.

Two weeks ago I talked about the first two basics: the first basic, one of my fundamentals, was reflection work, and really starting to become aware of the things that have been sabotaging your weight loss success. I also taught what a thought cycle was and how to use it to help you heal your relationship with food, and with yourself so you can get off the diet roller coaster for good.  The second basic I talked about is sleep and water and how important they both are in weight loss.

If you missed that episode you will for sure want to go back and listen to it.

In this episode I am diving deep into the food. I know we have been programmed to just fall back on restricting, counting points, all the pills, shakes, exercise plans, food plans, all the things. We are just so confused about what to eat. We have become disconnected from our bodies.

I will teach you how to listen to your body, your hunger cues, how to reconnect with your body. I love to talk about the brain. We will explore how to get out of your habit brain and into your thinking brain.

I will give you what I think is the best tool to lose weight for the last time. It is a game changer in getting you out of your habit brain.

You will learn how to meet yourself where you are at and be realistic in what you eat. How to slowly up-level over time.

I will give you 2 questions to ask yourself to help you reconnect with your body any time you are hungry.

Are you ready to heal your relationship with food and reconnect with your body?  

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What You’ll Discover:

  • A brain hack to help you keep commitments to yourself to lose weight for the last time
  • How meeting yourself where you are at is key to your success
  • How food can be the least interesting thing in your life

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