Facebook Live #70: One Thing You Need and Might Not Know It

Join us in this episode, week 4 of my special Facebook Live series. I will be talking about how diet trauma has kept you on that hamster wheel, or the diet roller coaster.

You know what I mean. All in or all out. Restricting. Move more, eat less.

Diets have taught us that we are not good enough.

But the only way to lose weight for the last time is by believing new things about food and weight loss. It is an inside job.

You are not broken. Nothing is wrong with you. Your weight does not define you. It is not who you are.

I will teach you how to change these negative thoughts into something that serves you.

To lose weight for the last time you need a tribe of women who are there to love and support you.  Community is such an important part of getting off the diet rollercoaster.

Are you ready to find your tribe?

What You’ll Discover:

  • How diet trauma has kept you on the diet roller coaster
  • That losing weight is an inside job
  • How important community is in our weight loss journey

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