Facebook Live #74: How Fear and Failure Keeps You Stuck

This is the last week in our 8-week bonus Facebook series. If you missed any of the prior episodes you will want to go back and listen to them.

This episode is all about how to quit dieting.

The diet roller coaster just keeps us stuck looking for solutions outside of us.

But, the solution is within us.

Join me in this episode as I dive deep how you can get off the diet roller coaster for good and how to look inside to lose weight for the last time.

To lose weight for the last time takes a mindset change.

I will show you can have failures, but still lose weight and succeed!

Are you ready to take your power back and become the hero of your story?

What You’ll Discover:

  • How we sabotage our success when it comes to weight loss
  • How and why we push down our emotions with food
  • How our fear keeps us from taking action, keeps us stuck

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