Love the Good, Love the Bad, finding Balance.

I used to want to be happy all the time. I thought all those “other” people were happy, and I was missing something. You know, when you look at Facebook and everyone else has this perfect life, spouse, kids, job, body. When I felt negative emotion, I thought something was wrong. It led me to resist, push down or buffer my emotions.

I have learned that 50/50 is how it is and how it’s supposed to be. We live in a world of positive and negative. It is the balance of the world. It helps me to allow feelings instead of trying to disconnect, resist, or buffer. I love it all, the bad and the good. I love where I have been and where I am going. I am not afraid to feel any of it.

How would you approach life if you knew that it was 50/50? Would you be willing to feel any feeling? What if nothing was wrong? What if everything has been perfect? What if it has all been for you?