Facebook Live 5: Magical Food Plans

Ladies, I’m sharing a story with you today, and I know you are all going to feel me on this one. I was carrying a lot of extra weight on my body and I just wanted it all to be gone. We want the weight off fast and we constantly search for a “magical” food plan that will melt away all the pounds.

I did this over and over again with various plans and I know you’re going to find this pattern familiar. I would always start on a Monday after having my last supper eating all the things I wanted, telling myself to buckle down for a few months, but then life happens. I thought the magic would happen if I could just white-knuckle it, but it didn’t. And when I finally got off the diet roller coaster, I discovered where the real magic lies.

Join me today as I share how I found the real magic for permanent weight loss. We don’t need any plan, and my ladies in The Transform Society have found this to be true, too. I invite you to ditch the rules around cutting out food groups or how much exercise you should be doing that you’ve adopted from some article or fitness guru, and start implementing these tips I’m sharing with you today to design a plan that works for you.

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What You’ll Discover:

  • My diet roller coaster journey and how I stopped looking for a “magical” food plan. 
  • Why you don’t need any food plan to lose weight.
  • What I found when I started testing foods and created my own rules. 
  • How to discover the real magic to losing weight. 
  • What keeps you on the diet roller coaster. 

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