Facebook Live 16: Magical Food

How many of you have followed a diet trend of a particular era? I remember following various plans and diets on my journey, and every few years, there’s some new science that comes out and we think that will be the thing that helps us lose weight. But this week, I want to shift the focus back to your body and becoming the scientist of your body.

We all want to believe there’s some magical food out there that will help us lose the weight forever, and my ladies are always asking me to just tell them what to eat and what to avoid, but this doesn’t work, my loves. We’ve all gone down the path of someone else telling us what to eat, but how many times has that worked?

Join me this week as I show you why the key to losing weight for good is all about reconnecting back to your mind and body. Even though having someone else tell us exactly what to do seems great, I’m showing you why that never works. Instead, I’m sharing 3 tips to help you investigate what fuels you and what doesn’t.

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What You’ll Discover:

  • How we think there are “magical” foods that will help us lose weight. 
  • Why becoming the scientist of your own body is so important. 
  • What is happening underneath the surface when you’re following a diet. 
  • How I categorize food and why I never tell my ladies what to eat. 
  • 3 tips to help you become the scientist of your body. 

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