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Say goodbye to the endless cycle of dieting and restriction!


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It's time to transform your relationship with food
and start living your best life in a body that you love.
Are you tired of starting over on Mondays, only to fail again, and then vow to start over after your next binge?

Are you trying to stick to a diet but fighting the cravings are just too much?

Don't worry. You are not alone.

Diets do not work long-term.

Diet culture has led us to believe that we are failures, that there is something wrong with us and leaves us stuck on the diet rollercoaster, frustrated with ourselves and our body.

It's time to break free from the shackles of "traditional" weight loss methods and embrace a sustainable approach that allows you to enjoy your favorite foods while achieving your goals.

Weight loss does not have to be your struggle.

You deserve more than a cupcake or piece of pizza being the best part of your day.

You deserve to live your best life in a body that you love.

In this challenge, I will teach you an easy 3 step process to lose weight for the last time. You will discover simple steps to start feeling better, become a diet dropout and start slaying the scale.

Meet Sharon Spohn
She started her journey in a free challenge!
This is more than another quick fix!
Your transformation starts here, free of tedious counting of every point or calorie, white knuckling through cravings and filled with support. One thing a majority of my Transform Bosses have in common, they began their journey in one of  Shannan's free challenge! 
Here's what we'll do together:
 Daily Teachings: 5 min. or less daily teachings that you can tune into anytime, anywhere.

 Daily LIVE Teaching with Shannan: Join us for 5 days of live teachings where we go deeper and answer all your questions. Plus a bonus Q&A on Monday 03/04 to make sure you know what to do next.

✔ Community and Coaches: A Private Facebook group filled with our experienced Transform Boss Coaches that will guide you every step of the way and women on the same journey as you. You're not alone on this journey; you have a team of experts supporting you. Not on Facebook? No worries, you'll get everything you need on the challenge website!

✔ Your Jumpstart Guide: Complete with daily challenges, tips and tools to make losing weight this week easy and doable. Plus a self-assessment so you know right where you are beginning.
For you. For Free.
Because we believe you deserve to live your best life in a body that you love.
 "I am really busy Shannan, I just don't think I can do it."
Is this you?
Maybe you are thinking that it is not the right time  - Shannan can teach you how to start now with simple steps that take less than 5 mins so you can make 2024 your year!

Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed with life right now. - No better place to get support and love than in the challenge. 

Maybe you have tried everything and just can't believe that you won't fail again -
Shannan and her clients have felt the same way, you are walking into a room(virtual that is), where you will learn simple and easy steps to lose weight.  She will teach you how to stop quitting on yourself. 
What you will walk away from this challenge with:


  • 3 simple steps to lose weight
  • How to lose the food and mental noise of weight loss
  • How to start feeling better now
The Jumpstart Your Weight Loss Challenge is led by Shannan Christiansen,  a certified life and weight loss coach that struggled with the diet roller coaster for 38 years. She is the host of "Weight Loss for Successful Women" podcast and has helped 1,000's of women through her courses and program, Transform Boss.

At 315 pounds, Shannan felt trapped in an endless battle with her weight. Given her demanding lifestyle, she yearned for a straightforward and simple approach.

She lost her weight and has maintained it for years by simple steps and meeting herself where she was. She is going to teach you three simple steps so you begin your journey to getting off the diet roller coaster now.

Are you ready to begin the journey to losing weight for the last time?   Let's Go! 


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