No Drama

We are getting ready for our grandsons 1 year old birthday party. He is just the sweetest baby, for real the sweetest and cutest. đź’•Usually I would be stressed running around trying to make everything perfect. All while eating whatever was available or within reach.

But I make a plan every morning on what I am going to fuel my body with and then I keep the commitment to myself. This morning I filled goodie bags with chocolate and candy and did not want any of it. I put a piece of cake and ice cream on my plan today and if I want it, I will eat it. No Drama, no obsessing if I should or shouldn’t. No beating myself up later.

I also thought hard about what was necessary for the party, did I need to make all the food, what did we really need for decorations. I practiced self-care, I took time to plan, get what we needed, hired out what we did not want to do. I am going to be present when everyone shows up, not exhausted and burnt out.

All this is available to you. I can help you. My new program details will be out next week!