Nothing and Everything is Perfect

I remember telling myself that I needed to be perfect. Perfect at work, perfect at losing weight, perfect on my exercise plan, and I could go on and on. I wanted to be perfect. If I sent an email at work and it had a spelling error, I would be so upset. I would beat myself up for making errors and not being perfect.

But perfectionism is just a lie. It is a way for us to not take action, for us to procrastinate, for us to beat ourselves up. Perfect only exists in your mind, what I think is perfect and what you think is perfect is 2 different things.

When we think we must be perfect at something, we will put it off, we will shy away from it. When I thought I had to be perfect to volunteer to speak at a big event at work, I would avoid it because I did not want to fail. When I thought I needed to be perfect at losing weight, I would put it off. I would start again next week, then I would binge awaiting when it would be “perfect” to start. If I had a vacation or a holiday was coming up, I needed to wait, it was not the “perfect” time. I was single for 7 years because I was waiting to be “perfect” before I could date.

I put so many things off because I was waiting to be perfect. Perfect is a lie. It is one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves so we can avoid feeling a feeling, the feelings of being uncomfortable, deprived or scared.

What are you telling yourself you must be “perfect” at? How much time do you waste trying to make something “perfect”? What have you not taken action on because you are waiting for the perfect time? When you have the thought “I need to be perfect at x or this needs to be perfect”, look to see what feeling you are trying to avoid. Then take the next best action.

Nothing and Everything is Perfect.

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