One action at a time.

We just went through the process of building a home. We moved in a couple of months ago. We were so lucky to watch it being built. There were so many phases and so many moving parts and small details that had to get done. It was just one action and then another, then another. It was supposed to be finished in November, but we moved in on January 30th. It took longer but we would not have had any other way. It all worked out; it was perfect. We all build a home, our careers, our lives, one action at a time. The smallest action leads to the next action and so on. I was thinking about this and weight loss. We are always looking for the silver bullet, the next shiny object, the quick fix, the magic pill. But they don’t work. They cause years of frustration, years of beating ourselves up. Years of thinking something is wrong with us. Losing weight and changing your thoughts about it takes time but it is worth it. It is worth never dieting again and finally loving your body and yourself.