Facebook Live 22: This One Habit is Keeping You Stuck on the Diet Roller Coaster

Halloween is now over, but how many of you are finding yourselves still mindlessly eating leftover candy and treats? This is something that so many of us do, often unconsciously. Unfortunately, it’s keeping you stuck on the diet roller coaster, and I want to help you untangle this habit that can feel so disheartening.

The holiday season often means lots of different events, which consequently means a lot of eating. I remember overeating or eating off-plan, and my brain immediately going to a place of saying, “Screw it.” You likely don’t even notice this thought going through your mind, but it’s so detrimental to your progress and it’s leading you down a path of eating against your will, not even liking what you’re eating, but not knowing how to stop.

Join me this week as I show you how your brain might be responding to overeating right now. I know that all of you have the best intentions, but this time of year can be really tricky for us, and I want to offer the best support possible to help you keep going, no matter if you overeat or have desire for food that doesn’t fuel you.

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What You’ll Discover:

  • One habit cycle that keeps us stuck on the diet roller coaster. 
  • How this habit used to show up for me in my own life. 
  • What happens when you tell yourself, “Screw it,” when you overeat. 
  • How stress contributes to overeating. 
  • 3 things you can do if you find yourself mindlessly eating. 

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