Facebook Live 11: One Simple Thing to Start

So many ladies are struggling right now, and it’s manifesting in their weight. I can’t tell you how many ladies are looking for the next quick fix, looking outside of themselves to make them feel better on the inside. My purpose is to help as many women as possible by disrupting diet culture, and what I teach is a change in mindset, so you can crave food less and figure out how to handle tough life events without overeating.

Today, I’m sharing one tool I teach all of my Transform ladies, and I want to dig into it to help any of you who might be struggling and need more support. The realistic plan is a concept that is going to completely change your mindset around the old diet beliefs you’ve carried for so long, and it’s the first step in transforming your approach to weight loss.

Join me this week to discover how this one simple step is the key to your success and in getting off the diet roller coaster for good. For so long, I perpetuated the cycle of deprivation and overeating, and I thought planning was suffocating. But I promise, this one tool is going to help you reconnect with your body, and you’ll soon start seeing a change.

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What You’ll Discover:

  • One foundational thing that will help you get started on your weight loss journey. 
  • What the realistic plan is and how it changes your mindset. 
  • How to write your realistic plan. 
  • What the minimum baseline is. 

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