Paying attention to every part of our Journey, is where the magic lies.

I have always loved calendars, if you look in my office, I usually have 2-3 just on my desk. I like thinking about the future and what goals I am going to accomplish. We went to Europe last November. We had booked the tickets and decided to go in February. We thought about this trip for months, planned all the things we would do and all the places we would go. It was super fun planning it. Every time I thought of it, I would feel excited. We went on the trip and it was awesome.

The trip was fun but short lived. The months prior was also an exciting part of the trip. When we have goals, the journey to reach them often can be the best part. We underestimate the thoughts and feelings we have about the journey to a goal. It is often the best part. Once we reach the goal, we are on to the next. I think about this in the weight loss journey, losing weight can be fun and exciting, watching the scale go down, buying new clothes or fitting into ones in the back of your closet, or making yourself a priority. The journey to losing weight can be as amazing as hitting your goal weight. We often want to rush to hit our goal but paying attention to every part of the journey is where the real magic lies…. Don’t forget the journey to any goal. Pay attention to the thoughts that are creating your feelings during the process of losing weight. Even the negative emotions and failures can be good lessons along the way. Be right here in this moment so happy and grateful for exactly where you are.