Announcing the Weight Loss for Successful Women Podcast!

Weight Loss for Successful WomenWelcome to Weight Loss for Successful Women, a podcast dedicated to helping women who are thriving in every area of their lives but their weight loss efforts to finally get off the Diet Roller Coaster and lose weight for good.

For the woman who is frustrated and feeling helpless after false promise after false promise, I am sharing how I lost eighty pounds while transforming my relationship with my body.

Each week, we’ll explore the thoughts and feelings that contribute to the struggles many successful women have with weight. If you’re tired of the typical approach to losing weight and are ready to try something new, you’re in the right place.

Get to know me and how this show can help you by listening to my first three episodes.  I’ll be releasing a new episode every Wednesday!

You can check out the first episodes here:

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17 thoughts on “Announcing the Weight Loss for Successful Women Podcast!”

  1. These tips and lessons have been so helpful. I am dedicating myself to this journey with these tools you have supplied for me . Thanks

  2. Thank you for allowing others to tackle a different view on weight loss and ways to keep it off. You way is realistic and can be more self absorbed. I’ve learned a lot from you. 💞

  3. Loving your podcasts!
    Your podcasts are so informative, inspirational and helpful! I learn something new each week to help get my mind out of the “diet” mentality. I am loving your program and feel very blessed I found you. Thank you!!! 😊💕

  4. I love Shannan’s podcasts and her process. I enjoy listening to her everyday, she’s like my morning cup of coffee to get my day off to the right start.

  5. Shannan, I loved this podcast. Step by step the beating of myself is becoming less and less. Instead I am taking control and owning it. Changing my thoughts from negative to positive. Looking forward to next weeks podcast.

  6. Enjoyed this session felt like you were talking to me gonna try and meet theses feeling s head on thank you so much

  7. I, too, am plagued with feeling that I have to be perfect. Sure can take the joy out of life. Never thought about that being an issue that could lead to struggles with weight, but you did describe it to a “T.” Definitely something to think about and try to take care of. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and trying to help us with ours.

  8. I was thinking another plan. Then listened to your podcast,the realistic plan is a smart way of staying on track. Thank you!💛

  9. This so inspiring . It all makes sense, what a valuable lesson every time I listen to your podcast. Thanks for making feel like this is doable.

  10. Thank you! I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders no pun intended. I to have been a victim of restricted diet for the majority of my life and I’m very excited to try this with my new sister hood a friends.

  11. Shannan is such an inspiration to me. Everytime I listen to her speak, whether via a podcast, Facebook live, or coaching call, I leave feeling that I can do anything I set my mind to. I feel a great sense of inner calm and peace. Tonight’s podcast on connections really spoke to me. I definitely could not make it through this pandemic without making connections on a regular basis. Not a day goes by that I don’t reach out to my son or daughter, mother, sisters, friends. I am to thankful for all the ways we are able to connect these days. Thanks for another great reminder Shannan! Stay safe all my Bfly sisters!

  12. Loved podcast #30! It is so refreshing to finally hear some sane advice that we don’t have to exercise 2 hours a day in order to lose weight! I love hearing that there are other, better ways that will get us off the diet roller coaster for good! Shannan’s podcasts are always so inspiring, I can’t wait until Wednesday to get the latest one. Thanks for another great podcast Shannan! Love this Society and BFLY sisterhood.

  13. I am enjoying listening to you about your journey and helpful thing’s to try. These tips and lessons have been so helpful. I am dedicating myself to this journey with these tools you have supplied for me . Thank YOU so much… Hugs.

  14. I am enjoying listening to you about your journey and helpful thing’s to try. These tips and lessons have been so helpful. I am dedicating myself to this journey with these tools you have supplied for me . Thank YOU so much… Hugs.

  15. I love the information that was given today. What click with me is setting yourself up for success. I can keep telling myself, that my why if thinking will be successful.❤️❤️❤️

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