Put your oxygen mask on first.

I fly a lot. I have flown so much that I mostly tune out the flight attendant’s safety warnings. I was on a plane recently and the flight attendant said, “make sure that you put your oxygen mask on first”. It made me think about how often I never put the oxygen mask on. I used to put everyone else including my job before me. I always came in last place. I thought it was the “good or right” thing to do, it was my responsibility. But I am a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, employee, doesn’t that come first?

But does it? I have learned over the past couple of years that I have to put myself first. I must invest in myself. When I am my highest self, I take care of myself. When I show up as my best self, everyone around me benefits. When I am exhausted, eating out of control, putting everyone else’s needs before mine, I am the lowest version of myself. I am giving everyone just enough to get by, not giving anyone my full attention.
Take care of you. You are the best investment. You are worth it. Put your oxygen mask on first.