Taylor Jenkins

The business side of this coaching business is pretty intense. There is a lot of tech involved including building a website. My teacher suggests that you do it all, so you understand the ins and outs of your business. So, I took on this challenge and started to learn all the tech, doing the legal pages, posting my 30 blogs to FB and so on…

I was feeling under water, literally like I was drowning. I do kind of have a big day job, I might have 3 sites on the west coast and a department in Delaware… I was walking one night, and an idea came to me, I have this smart and amazing son, I could ask him for help. So, I did.

Taylor has been amazing, he basically built the website, figured out all kinds of tech integrations with the website, handles all my social media, and a myriad of other things. He teaches me things so I am still in the loop and I do some of it so I can understand but he does all the heavy lifting. He has shown up, done really hard things, and is as passionate about it as me. #thebflylife

He is now the “Director of Operations” for our company. I could not be prouder of him. I love how he does hard things, figures them out, his positive attitude, how loving he is, how passionate he is about this business and me. He believes in me. He thinks I can do anything. It makes me tear up as I write this because I have grown up with Taylor. I had him at 20 and for many years it was just him and I. And now he is grown, married with his own family and we are still a team. I could not have done this without him. Literally, I would have not been able to do it.

This post is just about him. Just about how amazing, beautiful, smart, kind, passionate, and giving he is.
How lucky am I that I was blessed with him?
The greatest gift of my life. 💕