The key to moving forward is consistency

I used to be a perfectionist. I wanted everything to be perfect. I realized it was all a lie. That nothing was perfect in that sense and that B work was great. When I coach clients, I can tell often when they are going to be successful, they know that they will not be perfect. They know that they will have failures.
They embrace the failures, learn from them.

We are so scared of failure. We put all this bad energy into it but honestly nothing in my life has been a straight line, it has been a lot of ups and downs with lots of jagged edges. I have failed more than I have succeeded and been told no, more than yes.

The key to moving forward is consistency. Just continuing to show up and taking the next best action. I was a failure at losing weight until I lost weight. I was a failure at being an executive until I got the position of executive. You are failing until you are succeeding. You are LEARNING until you are succeeding.

I love the analogy of a baby walking. They fall down hundreds and hundreds of times, but they keep getting up, they keep taking the next best action. What if the baby was like, “well I fell down too many times, I am just going to keep crawling”, oh what we can learn from babies.

Love, when you tell yourself that it is going to be perfect, know that it is a lie. The ONLY TRUTH IS, that if you keep showing up, and taking the next best action, you will become your future self, what ever you decide that to be.