Feeling a Feeling

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Topic: Feeling a Feeling

I used to always “eat my feelings.” This term is used often these days, but lets take a moment and think about the meaning and the implication of this phrase. Eating our feelings really implies that we are avoiding our feelings. But, Loves, feelings will not kill you… at least not usually.

Hiding from feelings is actually harder than walking through the feelings if you think about it. It’s like trying to push a beach ball underwater in a pool. The more you try to push that beach ball down, the harder that ball comes up eventually. It’s the same with feelings.

Loves, it takes time to learn how to feel your feelings and not “eat them” or buffer them in other ways, such as alcohol, shopping… Etc.

I teach my clients how to begin to feel their feelings. It takes time as any new habit or life changing behavior always does. So, start the journey with me on tomorrow’s FB Live!