We are all mermaids!

A beautiful friend sent me this pic today. I don’t remember when the moment was when I decided that I wanted more, that I could do more, that I was good enough. I can think back to times where I did not think any of those things.

But somewhere along this journey, I chose me. I chose to feel emotions, to be uncomfortable, to “do it” anyways. I did this by just being me, not anyone else. I have become friends with my lizard brain, just this morning, I told it, “we got this, thank you for always trying to keep me safe”.

Love, what life do you want? Have you stopped to think about it. We get one and it goes by really fast. We get one body, how much love and attention have you given it? Have you told it how much you love and appreciate it. Have you invested in you? Aren’t you tired of not having your own back and living in a body that feels heavy.

I have learned so many tools. I share 3 of them in my free mini course on BFLYCoaching.com.

My new 8 week program is starting in the middle of June. Every week you will get a teaching on a new tool and a workbook to accompany the teaching. You will also get 5 1:1 coaching sessions with me where we will go deeper into each tool.

In 8 weeks, it can change your life, help you to desire food less, hack your lizard brain, begin to feel good about your body and help you stop obsessing about the scale, food, and how you can’t overcome this struggle.

The first step to joining the 8 week program, is going to BFLYCoaching.com and taking the mini course.

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Love, we are all mermaids 💕💕💕