Facebook Live 17: Planning for Weight Loss During the Holidays

I have seen so many ladies wishing this year away. It is not lost on me that 2020 has been tough. In fact, I don’t know if there are words to really describe the mess that 2020 has been. But in this episode, I want to offer you something a little different.

There are a little over 90 days left of this year, and time is precious. And still, we tell ourselves we will get to working on ourselves when the time is more convenient. I worked like this for years and it resulted in me being a prisoner in my own body. And my loves, that is not what I want for you.

Join me on the podcast this week to discover how to finish 2020 strong. I’m sharing how I have struggled at this time of year in the past, and what you can do to avoid falling into old habits and dismissing the end of the year as unimportant.

This year’s Transform Society event will be virtual on October 17th. I’m going to be teaching you how to stop self-sabotaging and how to create a plan to get through the holidays without gaining weight, while still enjoying all the things you love about this time of year.

This event is only for members of the Transform Society, so come join us thereIf you sign up today, you’ll receive a Boss Box full of things to help you on your weight loss journey. 

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What You’ll Discover:

  • How we give up at this time of year without even realizing.
  • Why we need to take ourselves off the backburner.
  • How I would always self-sabotage around the holidays.
  • What you can do to finish 2020 strong.
  • How to change your thoughts and beliefs around your weight loss journey in relation to this time of year.

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