What are you capable of?

This one time, about 9 years ago, I decided to put up a backsplash.

I had no idea how to do it, but I thought I could.

I had never had a backsplash in a house before and really wanted one. We were having a big party at our house and I had it in my mind that we were going to update the kitchen.

So, I did it. I put it up, Luckily Paul helped at the end because I thought my back was breaking.

I had no evidence that I could do it.

I was just determined to do it. I changed a thought about not being able to do it to “I can do it”.

I am always looking for evidence that I can do something. My brain will tell me that I can’t do it because I have not done it or because I have failed before.

But I now believe I can do anything. I do not need evidence.
I can think thoughts from my “future” self, and ask myself “what would she think and do?”

When I have doubts and my lizard brain is feeding me all of these negative thoughts, I stop and ask, “would she stop, would she eat that cupcake, would she procrastinate?”.

It does not matter what you have done before, just what you do today.

What are you capable of?

What if you did not have evidence that you could do something before you just did it?

What if nothing mattered about yesterday or anything in the past, who could you be?