What are your Triggers for overeating?

I was on a work trip to Delaware this past week. I travel for work quite a bit. In the past whenever I was out of my routine, I would use that as an opportunity to overeat.

It was a trigger where I would use it as an excuse to not take care of myself.

I would not plan and just eat whatever I encountered. I remember having certain places at the airport I would frequent where I could get my fix.

I would overeat at night and bring back dessert to eat in my hotel room.

This was my little secret. I could do it when no one was watching.

But I was watching.

I would then beat myself up after for eating too much and would feel out of control.

I would feel shame because I was eating against my own will. I used “being out of town” to disconnect from myself and avoid the emotions I was feeling.

It is so freeing to travel now; I plan what I am going to eat and then keep the commitment to myself.

I don’t use it as an opportunity to disconnect.

I don’t binge eat and have a secret eating party for one in my room. I follow the same process that I do at home when I travel.

I don’t get confused about what food to eat or how I take care of myself.

Learning how to retrain your brain takes time but it is possible. I have learned a process that has helped me and now I feel more freedom and self-love than I ever have.

What are your Triggers for overeating?

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