Ep #48: What is Weight Loss Coaching?

What is Weight Loss Coaching?

Coaching is something I’ve been doing for nearly three decades, and I know that some of you may not be familiar with what it is. I often get questions about what life coaching actually is and how it changes lives, so today, I’ll be addressing its power and how my own life has been transformed.

I’ve researched and studied life coaching for many years and still do to this day. I’m constantly coaching and getting coached myself in various ways, and so I know I speak for everyone who has had this experience that it is absolutely life-changing. Not only has my relationship with my family and friends improved, but the transformation of my relationship with myself and my body has been incredible.

Join me today as I show you what weight loss coaching is and how it has changed my life. My Transform bosses are constantly experiencing breakthroughs, and it’s a process of getting clarity in your long-held thoughts and beliefs. I believe coaching is the most powerful tool in changing anything you want in your life, and I hope this episode shows you just how amazing it is.

And here is this week’s transformational question:

  1. What would you be willing to do to lose weight for good?

If you love listening to this show, I would love to have you come check out my Transform weight loss program. It’s my monthly coaching program where we take this work to a new level and I help ladies figure out how to lose weight for good. And, we’re having our first live virtual event this October! Click here to check it out, and I can’t wait to see you there!

What You’ll Discover:

  • What coaching is and how it has changed my life. 
  • How watching someone else be coached can help you start to change your thoughts. 
  • Why I believe coaching is the most powerful tool to change your life. 
  • How coaching brings clarity to your thoughts and beliefs. 

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You are listening to the Weight Loss for Successful Women podcast with Shannan Christiansen, episode number 48.

Welcome to Weight Loss for Successful Women, a podcast for women who are ready to break the diet cycle and end their struggle with weight for good. Here’s your host, Fortune 100 executive and Certified Life Coach, Shannan Christiansen.

Hello loves. I am so happy to be back with you today. I cannot believe we are only two episodes away from 50. I am going to do something super special for episode number 50, so stay tuned for the special announcement.

So today love, we are going to talk about coaching. And what is this thing called weight loss coaching? But as always, before we get into the show, I want to give a listener shout-out to Diana Ford. She left a review of the show. “Thank you for allowing others to tackle a different view on weight loss and ways to keep it off. Your way is realistic and can be more self-absorbed. I learned a lot from you.”

Thank you so much, Diana. It means a lot to me that you are listening and that you love it. So thank you to all the ladies who have taken time to leave a review. I really appreciate it. If you are loving the show, please leave a review of the show. I would so appreciate it.

Okay, so seriously, I am not going to talk about the weather. No, I’m not going to talk about it. I mean, maybe I’m going to talk about it just a little bit. I mean, it has been the hottest summer on record, and we have had more days over 115 degrees. Yes, I just said 115 degrees than ever.

My husband and I went walking last night and it was 105 degrees at seven o clock. I mean, it was a little after seven. Plus, there’s a little bit of humidity in the air so it’s a little brutal. I’m hoping soon we see some days in the lower 100s.

So really, enough about the weather. I just got off a three-day live virtual event for my business. I love learning about entrepreneurship and how I can make it better for my ladies. I attended virtually of course this three-day event. And it went every day from like, eight to maybe five, but some days it was to seven.

And it was packed full of ideas and inspiration for my private membership program. So I have felt exhausted since it ended because my mind has been so busy with so many ideas about how to make it better, how my ladies can have quicker success and how I can make things more simple for them.

And I want to have a lot of fun with them. Weight loss has felt so heavy for many of us. We have had so much shame, so much guilt around it. We’ve told ourselves that weight loss is hard, and I want to make it fun. I know this is going to sound a little crazy, but I think weight loss is easy and I think it can be super fun.

And that’s what I’m teaching all of my Transform – and I like to call them bosses now because I really think they are. It’s what they’re learning. So I actually too a couple days off from work this upcoming week because I wanted to work on all the stuff I learned.

I mean, my brain, I woke up at two in the morning this morning thinking about all of the stuff that I want to put in my private membership. I mean, that is how much good stuff was in this three-day event. And I can’t wait to roll it out to my Transform ladies.

So if you are in the Transform membership and you’re a Transform boss, we are going to roll out some really cool fun stuff over the next couple of months. This virtual event and one of the reasons too I wanted to go to it is because in October, we are putting on our very first live virtual event.

Last year, we went to Dallas actually and we had so much fun. But you know, this year is different. And so we are doing a virtual event for all of the ladies who are in the Transform weight loss program. And I cannot wait. I cannot wait. I have so many ideas and I just want to make it so amazing and beautiful for all of my ladies.

And we are starting to plan it out now. We are going to do it from my home. My team was over on Sunday, a.k.a my son and daughter-in-law. And we were already mapping it out. I’m going to make this so special for all of my Transform bosses because they are the most special group of ladies.

So coaching, I know many of you who are listening have never been coached. You might not even ever have had a life coach. I know many people ask me what does a life coach do. So I want to explain what coaching is and how it has changed my life.

So I’m going to tell you a little story. So I personally have been coaching for, I don’t know, 25 or 26 years. I do this in my financial services career and I have fallen in love with coaching. And I think it is so powerful and I have learned and researched and studied life coaching for many, many, many years.

And so I had joined a group coaching program and it’s with my teacher, and she was having an event. And it was in-person – this was years ago when we went to in-person events. And I went to this in-person event in Dallas and it was a day with her.

And it was pretty early on. I think there were only about 40 ladies there and my teacher is really big, so 40 ladies and her is a pretty intimate event. And I remember going there and I flew to Dallas all by myself. I was super nervous, but I knew that I wanted to change my life.

And I was in the process of that time losing my weight and I had been following her program and also a couple others and learning and researching and doing so much work. And so I was so excited and so scared about going to this one-day event with her.

So I show up and I go in the room and of course, I’m by myself. I don’t know anyone there. And the day progresses and she’s just coaching all day. I mean, she is a rockstar. She’s just one person after another, and I got the courage to raise my hand and have her coach me.

And I have to tell you, I was super nervous. I’m sure my neck was red, I’m sure my voice was a little shaky. I wanted a breakthrough and I knew that she could ask my questions and she could look inside my brain and help me to uncover the things that were keeping me stuck.

And I have to tell you, that one day with my coach really changed my life. I was vulnerable, it was scary, but I had more breakthroughs in that day and I continue to have them as I continue to have my own coach, and I’m still in group coaching programs.

And I remember flying home on the plane and just writing and writing and writing all of the breakthroughs. It was almost like I had all of this stuff that I had pushed down with food for so many years and having a coach ask me questions because that’s mostly what coaches do. They just ask you questions.

And really, they just show you your own brain. And what happened was I felt like all of this stuff that I had been pushing down just started coming up. And I got to see the thoughts and beliefs that were keeping me stuck.

So weight loss coaching is when I, as your coach, ask you questions and I just show you your brain, your thoughts. We have so many beliefs and thoughts that are there from years of dieting, years of beating ourselves up, and I help women see them. And then, this is the important part ladies, decide on purpose what they want to believe so they can lose weight.

Coaching is about someone asking questions so the coachee can have breakthroughs, so they can uncover their own roadblocks. Coaching is the most powerful tool on the planet to change your life. I really believe this. It is the most – I’m going to say it again – powerful tool on the planet to change your life and to lose weight.

It has changed my life, my career, my relationships, and my weight. It has helped me to have better relationships with friends and family, a better marriage, and a better relationship with myself and my body.

I watch this with my Transform ladies all the time. We’re in a coaching session and then something happens. And then they stop, and they say something like, “I never thought of that,” or, “I did not even know I thought that.”

They have these moments of clarity, these moments where the emotion and all the feelings come up. It is so powerful to watch. And then, my love, they decide what they want to feel, what they want to think. I then get to watch them transform, change. I see it in how they show up, how they start to lose weight, I start to see the transformation.

It is the most powerful and amazing thing to watch. We do group coaching in Transform. That is where one of my ladies are being coached by me while the other ladies are watching. The ladies that are observing are also having breakthroughs.

Watching someone be coached can help you start to change your thoughts. You can start to see how you are similar or have similar challenges, and then that is when you can start to change. It’s when you start to have breakthrough.

Coaching is the best thing it can offer. It changes your life. It changes everything. I just want to ask one transformational question today. What would you be willing to do to lose weight for good? So good, my love. So much love to you ladies. Join me next week where I’m going to help you get started in your weight loss transformation. Bye for now, love.

If you loved listening to this podcast, I would love to have you come check out Transform weight loss program. It is my monthly coaching program where we take this work to a whole new level and ladies learn how to lose weight for good in a way that they can always do. Join me over at bflycoaching.com/join. I’d love to have you join me in Transform weight loss program.

Thank you for listening to this episode of Weight Loss for Successful Women. If you love what you heard today and want to learn more, come over to bflycoaching.com. That’s B – F – L – Y coaching dot com. See you next week!


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