Who is your Future-Self?

Years ago, I knew my purpose. I knew that I was going to help women and learn how to stop the war we have going against ourselves. I told people 15 years ago, that one day this is what I would be doing. I wrote it down, I kept taking action, I kept going even through lots of failures.

I started taking action from my “Future-Self”. I wrote down who she was, what she would do, how she had changed. I know exactly who she is. When I want to give up, when I want to slip, I ask myself “What would my future-self do?”, “What would she do in this situation?”.

This helps me come from a place of transformation and abundance.

Who is your “Future-self”, the self that does not ever beat herself up, the self that is at her natural weight, what would she do right now? Have you ever thought about who she is?

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Don’t wait until you see “sold out” and wish that you had taken action.

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