Facebook Live 4: Why Failure is Necessary

Something so many of us ladies struggle with, especially when we’re on the diet roller coaster, is experiencing failure. Whether it’s failing to stick to a food plan or not losing the amount of weight we want to, it’s something we all fear and want to avoid at all cost.

I’m sharing a personal story with you today that I think many of you will be able to resonate with. I was desperate to lose weight and started a plan that I did initially lose weight with, but then, I started slipping. Life happened and I had all the uncomfortable emotions, I hadn’t worked on my beliefs and mindset, and the weight just crept back up again.

Ladies, we’ve all tried various plans and diets to lose weight for good, and we inevitably fail. While failure is extremely uncomfortable to sit with, I’ve learned that it is the arrow that points me to learning something different. So today, I’m showing you just why embracing failure is so necessary and how your failures can act as a guidepost to your success in the future.

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We are pushing the opening of The Transform Society to July. We were going to open in the middle of June, but I want to take some time because this is an updated course, and I want the current ladies to be able to give me feedback on it so it’ll be ready for new ladies who want to join! We’ll also be putting on a virtual live event in July close to the opening, so make sure to keep an eye out for that.

What You’ll Discover:

  • My personal story of experiencing failure on my weight loss journey. 
  • Why diets and food plans don’t work long-term. 
  • The key lessons I learned on my weight loss journey. 
  • What long-term weight loss is really all about. 
  • Why failure is so important. 

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