You are 100% Loveable and Worthy

I remember the first time I had learned the concept that someone’s capacity to love me or to receive love from me has nothing to do with me. It blew my mind. I spent most of my twenties believing I was unlovable. I did not love me and believed that I was not worthy of being loved.

Every person has different levels of “capacity” to give or receive love. It is based on their own experiences and beliefs. If you had a parent who never told you they loved you, it has nothing to do with you. It is their “capacity” to give love. It is based on their own experience in this world.

You are 100% Loveable and Worthy. It is not based on someone else’s capacity to love you. I heard this once and loved it, “You can be the juiciest most delicious peach, but if someone does not like peaches then they just don’t like peaches, it has nothing to do with you”.

We spend a lot of energy and time worrying about someone’s ability to love us or like us.

But Love, you are already 100% loveable. I promise. 100%.

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and seriously, is he not the cutest? And he is 100% loveable and worthy, right? 
When does that change for us?