You do hard things, you always have.

Yesterday my 2 older g-babies came over to swim. We had the best time; they are seriously the cutest. I had bought some chocolate chip cookies for them. They ate lunch and I put out the cookies. Neither of my g-babies wanted them. They were full from lunch.

I love watching them, I learn so much from them. They were not obsessing on whether they wanted the cookies or “should” have them. They ate lunch, they were full, and they never thought about it again. The cookies sat on the counter, they literally never even thought about them.

And neither did I. That is crazy to think as I write this. I used to obsess about cookies. I thought I loved them. I thought they brought me comfort. This is the power of truly doing the work to change your thoughts. It takes time, it can be hard, but it is everything. I do hard things. I always have.

And so, have you. You have done lots of hard things. You have showed up, been uncomfortable and done things you never thought you could do.

I know that we tell ourselves, but this is the ONE THING, I have not been able to overcome. I am here to tell you it is possible. It was my ONE THING for 38 years.

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