Are you SO tired of your weight being the one thing you STRUGGLE with?

I was.

My highest weight was 315 lbs.

The last time I lost weight for good, my starting weight was 247 lbs.

I can show you how.

Hello Love!

I work with successful women

I am an executive at a Fortune 100 company who has her MBA but who struggled with her weight since she was 8.

I have learned how to lose weight and keep it off. I can help you.

Shannan Christiansen

I had been on or off a diet since before I could remember.

I have lost and gained hundreds of pounds throughout my life time. I have learned simple tools to lose weight and never gain it back.

This had been the one thing that I could not conquer. This was the one thing that I felt like a failure at. This weight and food had consumed my thoughts and it was a way for me to beat myself up any chance I could get. I hated my body and the way I felt in my own skin. Food was my best friend, my comfort, my protection. I thought something was wrong with me. 

Sound familiar?

I was growing in my career and reaching new heights I never thought possible, but still I struggled with my weight. I found an amazing husband who loved me more than anything, but I still struggled with my weight. I have watched my son grow into an amazing man, but I still struggled with my weight.

Is this you?  Are you so tired of it, tired of it consuming your thoughts, binge eating when you are off and restricting yourself when you are on?

I have been on every diet and I even did extreme measures to lose weight, but I always gained it back. I just could not go to weight watchers one more time, I could not go on one more diet. I could not join a gym one more time.

I found the secret. I found the way to lose it and never gain it back. I can help you.

The last time I lost weight for good I was 247 pounds.

What Our Ladies Say

Shannan and BFLYCoaching has been a breath of fresh air and what I really needed at this point in my life. I was already looking for new ways to have a better life and break the “diet” cycle with fasting and just being aware of what I’m putting in my body. Shannan gave me those “extra” tools to help make me believe “I got this!”.

Nancy L

Life changing stuff found here! You won’t find a more dedicated, supportive, real, or knowledgeable coach anywhere! Shannan is the most genuine and loving person, using her personal experience and lessons learned to help us be the best we can be

Jill M.

Since I signed up and watched your videos I have been doing great! I have been telling myself for so long I can do this I just need that push to get me started. Then I saw Shannan's page and then I knew that was my sign to start living and eating healthier.
I have lost 18 pounds!
​Thank you Shannan!!!


What I appreciate about Shannan is her ability to meet me where I am in my journey toward a healthier life.
Through my work with Shannan, I realized how strong my lizard brain is in controlling my beliefs about weight and self-worth. She was patient, supportive, I found the resources she shared to be valuable and insightful and focused on mindset, not a “diet.”. While my work is just starting, I am grateful for Shannan’s support and love.

Yvette G.

I was a chunky kid and have struggled with my weight for all my 54 years on earth.  I have never felt that I am worthy.  I was teased all through school and even in my marriage. Since discovering Shannan and her groups, my way of thinking has changed, and I am worthy no matter what others think. Shannan has given me the hope and faith that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. I will achieve my goal, and I am a much happier and better person for it

Sharon S.

I’m down 14 pounds!! Beyond excited is just the tip of the iceberg for me!
Follow her plan & it works!


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